EELLSS - the European Experiential Learing Lab on Soil Science is using state-of-the-art learning technologies to create innovative learning approaches for European Schools - and you are just knocking at our front door.

Behind login you find two pathways - one for the teachers and trainers and one for students who have participated in the EELLSS project.

Teachers access their lerrning and teaching space providing all materials, learning units and competence frameworks that were developed in EELLS. They can also access the EELLSS validation units which are provided via a Moodle link to the LEVEL5 validation software.

Students have also access to their validation area. This offers a self-assessment tool that supports the assessment of soil science competences from the beginning of your learning project to its accomplishment.

All groups have free access to the my-VITA e-portfolio in which the proofs of competences can be stored and connected to a CV.

Stay tuned!

Your EELLSS team