These are the activities the consortium will carry out in the project lifetime:

1. Stocktaking through desk-research, interviews and a European online survey (on available approaches, experiences, outcomes of ECVET, competences and reference systems in informal validation in regard to IT aided systems, also in regard to CPD and OER)

2. Technical specification prototype to foster interoperability between validation system and OER

3. Developing a web-based validation environment for professional and key competences

4. Developing the IMPACT Platform as Open Educational Learning Resource

5.Competence Management System and Networking Space for KA1 Stakeholders

6. Qualification for educational professionals on the Validation of Learning Outcomes in informal and non-formal Learning (VINFL)

7. Developing the IMPACT Implementation strategy and testing it in partners' pilot projects

In addition a training course as part of a  VINFL qualification will take place in spring 2016.

These activites will be accompanied by dissemination and evaluation measures to maximise the impact  of IMPACT.


The project aims to:

  • explore the possivbilities for the integration of EUROPASS, ECVET, ECTS and LEVEL5 on the technical level
  • provide specifications for all these systems for different applications (e.g. e-portfolios)
  • provide a fully fledged learning and validation environment
  • include data (EQF level descriptions, learning outcome descriptions, indicators) established by VET consortia in the LLP
  • establish an open online learning platform with resources to apply the IMPACT approach in e-portfolios and LMS
  • networking and dissemination platform for KA1 course providers



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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