This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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IMPACT was an ERASMUS+ KA2 project in the field dealing with validation of informal learning and competence oriented learning (COL&V).

It was a R&D project which focused on the state of validation in regard to the ECVET specification set up by the EU Commission in 2009. We analysed in how far the more than 100 ECVET projects sticked to this specification and how the validation approaches (in different professional domains) can be converted and operatinalised into software.

The ultimate goal was to develop a validation system, based on a transferable specification.

The project revealed that also in the VET sector there are only few projects that kept the EU specification and that could be operationalised.

However, IMPACT has developed EQF conform validation software based on the LEVEL5 system.

In parallel a sound COL&V course was developed for continuing professional development of educators and successfully piloted in a 5 day course.

The project carried our a final conference together with two other projects in Thessaloniki.

IMPACT is a project of the REVEAL network.